15 years of Wind Birds!

15 years of Wind Birds!

Uauuu, how time flies!! It was on the 2nd of February 2004 that Wind Birds company was legally founded and since then we have struggled a lot to survive, to put Madeira on the birdwatching destinations’ map and to keep up with all Portuguese legislation which is amended almost annually… Definitely it is not easy to be an entrepreneur in Portugal, specially when you try to make the most out of Nature which is still much disregarded in this country.

There has been lots of ups and downs but we are still striving to show the bird species of Madeira and the best the island has to offer. From hazards like the boat falling from its berth on the shipyard and making lots of damages just before summer 2013, to corruption which unfortunately is common practice in such a small piece of land and bad government decisions like the killing of Trocaz Pigeons to satisfy farmers, Wind Birds keeps body and soul together and, most importantly, its honesty!

But many good things happen and great moments were experienced! From many interesting and supportive people we met who became very good friends, to great bird sightings we had on our land tours and pelagic trips, it all gives us the strength we need to keep Wind Birds running and to keep fighting for the conservation of Madeira Nature!

So, here is a special thanks to everyone who, one way or another, helped us to get here! THANK YOU!