Biodiversity’s International Day 2013 – 22nd May

Biodiversity’s International Day 2013 – 22nd May

Nowadays ‘Biodiversity’ is a much hyped word but people still did not get the real meaning of it… Biodiversity is everything that surround us, it is Nature, it is Humans, it is the Planet itself. Unfortunately Humans, who are a biological element, are the main threat to Biodiversity. According to the United Nations, the diversity and abundance of species have declined by 40% between 1970 and 2000..


This year, 2013, Water is the theme for this International Day for Biological Diversity. Water…an element of vital importance!

Our wish for today is that you stop for 2 minutes, admire the photo below and think:

– How life would be if there was no water?

– How much water surrounds you?