Birdwatching optics used on our tours

Birdwatching optics used on our tours

Unfortunately in Madeira some companies that claim to run birdwatching tours do not have quality binoculars or do not use a scope for the customers. As you know birdwatching means to observe a bird in detail and for this you must have some quality optics.

On Wind Birds tours we use a Swarovski spotting telescope 20-60 times zoom with an aperture of 85 which is important to watch species that do not allow us to approach them, as the Trocaz Pigeon or for some seawatching (to observe seabirds from land). Wind Birds guides use Swarovski 10X42 binoculars which despite being heavy (about 1 kg) allow a very clear observation of the species.

Most of our customers bring their own binoculars but we do have 2 pairs of Opticron 8X40 which we borrow to the birdwatchers who did not bring their own. These Opticron have a very good quality/price ratio and customers who used them are normally satisfied with them.

For the sea trips we do not have any binoculars to borrow to customers nor we use any optics to share within the group. We normally get to see the birds quite close and the birdwatchers that book with us always bring their own binoculars, though if asked in advance we may take the Opticron 8X40 to the sea.