Blu-Ray Discs used by Madeira Farmers to Scare Pigeons

Recent experiments done by the Secretariat of Agriculture at Cani??al facility, attest that Blu-Ray discs are more efficient in scaring Pigeons.
After the need to shoot Trocaz Pigeons, a new EU subsidized research project started.
The project has a total value of 250.419,74 Euros, and several technologies have been used (CD, DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray).

In the field, these formats were used against 6 Columbidae species:
Trocaz Pigeon
Rock Dove
– Collared Dove
– Passenger Pigeon
– Turtle Dove
– Racing Pigeon

The main conclusion is that Blu-Ray discs are extremely efficient immobilizing the doves,??specially??Trocaz Pigeon.

The reflection of the Sunlight generates a??405 nm??wavelength, blue-violet light that cause??Autosomal dominant nocturnal frontal lobe epilepsy for 47 microseconds, enough to disorient the pigeons.
Hitherto CDs were used, though after this research the EU will offer 25.000 Blu-Ray halves to distribute??amongst??Madeira farmers.