BTL Lisbon 2014 – International Tourism Exhibition

BTL Lisbon 2014 – International Tourism Exhibition

On the 13th of March 2014 Catarina & Hugo visited the BTL – International Tourism Exhibition – in Lisbon to get to know what is new in the market, to keep an eye on potencial competition and to make some business contacts…

The Madeira Tourism Board had a stand there to promote Madeira’s Nature though one of the walls was filled with a huge photo of a Monk Seal, one of the most difficult wildlife species to be seen in Madeira… This can only mean more trouble to whale watching companies that have to explain to customers that there are only about 40 Monk Seals whose colony is at the South side of Deserta Grande, a full nature reserve, where it is forbidden to sail closer than the 100 meters bathymetric.

An interesting stand was the Azores one which had a wall of natural endemic plants all with identification tags.

After 2 hours wondering around the fair through the crowd, they were both bored and with no more business leads to follow, Catarina & Hugo decided to seize the day after going to Setúbal peninsula for birdwatching! And as this turned out to be much more profitable than another day at the BTL, we here share with you the best birdwatching moments we had.