Desertas Birdwatching Overnight Update

Since the Desertas for Birding is a completely new trip and as we havedeveloped it before we got the new boat Oceanodroma. We have now tried it and to better satisfy our customers and to increase the possibilities of seeing more species with closer views, we have changed the itinerary of this trip a bit. We have been doing some experiences on this trip and have now decided on the best approach for it:

  • Instead of going around the 3 Desertas islands which will be very tiring and would only allow us far views of the birds without much time to stop for them and for cetaceans, we have decided to do somechum and instead of going around the islands we will chum and drift for some time which will allow us close views of Bulwer’s and Fea’s petrels, Cory’s and maybe Manx shearwaters and hopefully also MadeiranStorm-petrels.

  • We will then head to Deserta Grande bay just before sunset to anchor there, have dinner onboard and the hear for the seabirds coming into land. Finally we decided not to land at Deserta Grande as we are notapologists of interference to the birds that currently in nest. Less intrusion, better conservation of these species.