DIRECTIVE 2006/123/EC [Services in the Internal Market]

Last Friday, in a local conference I was reminded why we are Pro-EU. It is not about the Funding, as it creates market entropy and distortion. We are Pro-EU because of freedom of trade and a market driven economy.

Some of the speakers, a member of the regional government and a president of a national trade association presented corporatism and protectionism ideas, which, in our perspective, is not healthy for an economy as it aims economic prosperity only for some instead of all.

At some stage DIRECTIVE 2006/123/EC of Services in the Internal Market was mentioned like a “boogeyman”, they believe that giving freedom to businesses is something terrible. Sorry but we can not agree with this! Free trade and a market driven economy is the best option, simply because our customers are the best judges of our business practices and activities much more than any bureaucrat.

The truth is that the mentioned directive is from 2006 and since then all national and local laws go on the opposite direction. We felt like these people fear Fair Trade and Democracy and are anxious for control.


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