Fea's Petrel bad news!

Today, Madeira Natural Park (Parque Natural da Madeira) announced bad news concerning Fea’s Petrel (Pterodroma feae) in Bugio’s colony, Desertas, Madeira Archipelago. For the last 2 years the breeding pairs announced were around 210. The Park today lowered the number to an estimate of 60 to 120 pairs, though disclosing they aren???t confirmed breeding numbers. For some time the colony of Fea’s Petrel was thought to be much bigger than the Zino’s Petrel (Pterodroma madeira) colony in Madeira Island.For us it’s sad news, this will immediately change the status of this colony in the IUCN Red List, to Critically Endangered. We will try to get more details on this and update our Pterodroma feae profile. Also the Life Project SOS Fea’s Petrel, will suffer restructuring.