Heavy rains in Madeira triggers land slides

Madeira is being affected by continuous heavy rains and stormy weather since the 1st of November. The wind was blowing from southwest bringing a lot of rain to the south side of the island. Air temperature is still around 23ºC and humidity has been really high. Yesterday afternoon the wind shifted to Northeast and the heavy rains affected most of the North coast of Madeira. In only 24 hours, Santana registered 200 mm of rain, which, together with all the rain fallen during the last days made the soil very soaped, originating landslides.

Ribeira da Janela, Seixal and São Jorge villages were the most affected with land slides, road collapses and a house washed away by the force of the water and mud.

Fortunately there are no human victims but the material damages are big.

Wind Birds company is cancelling all land tours until Thursday, the 8th of November 2012.