Identification of Fea’s, Desertas and Zino’s Petrels at sea

Identification of Fea’s, Desertas and Zino’s Petrels at Sea??by Hadoram Shrihai, Vincent Bretagnolle and Francis Zino, Birding World July 2010.

This article is the culmination of three decades of research of the Zino’s Petrel complex by Frank Zino, Hadoram Shirihai and Vincent Bretagnolle. We are extremely proud to have contributed over the last three years with our expertise and offshore pelagics. Logistics and the challenges were hard, though it pays off when great work is published.

We recommend that any birdwatcher interested in pelagics and petrels in the Western Palearctic buys the latest issue of Birding World. For sure this issue will disappear newsstand and become rare as Zino’s Petrel.

As for Wind Birds, we know that on our next pelagics every birdwatcher will bring a copy and put us to the test. No worries… And we will continue the research with Oceanodroma off Madeira.

PS: Our opinion on the article itself, is that is a great achievement and we totally agree on its contents. Science is always evolving and perhaps in five years a new one will be published with new data, which is growing exponentially… Who knows?