Lack of information and organization burns any destination image

Yesterday I got so mad about a situation that was preventing me from working that I have stressed out and unloaded on the policeman who was only doing his job… We were on our way to the marina with tourists/customers for an afternoon sea trip where we would ally the bird, dolphin & whale watching to Madeira traditions and would assist to part of the only boat’s procession in Madeira. When we got on the last roundabout before the marina we were stopped by a policeman who was closing the road due to the procession. I have tried to talk with the policeman and explain that we were taking customers for sea trip and he should let us passed before the procession got to land (it was still at sea). He said he was only following orders and I asked his chef’s phone so I could speak with him. The problem here was that there was no prior notice to the road closure. Thanks to policemen patience and attention we managed to go through and run our sea trip though my nerves where just about to explode!