Live Broadcast of Madeira Fireworks 2010

Madeira New Year Fireworks Cruise is now fully booked. Bookings started to arrive in May and so by early December had no more availability. All this because Madeira New Year Fireworks show is known internationally and it is considered one of the best in the world. This way we are announcing here that there is going to be a live broadcast of Madeira 2010 New Year’s Fireworks in the Madeira Travel Guide website:

This live broadcast of Funchal Fireworks show from land was first done in 2009 as an experience but as it got more than 1200 viewers from all over the world it will be done again for 2010 but from a better location where one may admire Funchal amphitheater and bay.

So, from 23:30 on, on the 31st December 2009 you may connect to home page and assist to the New Year’s Firework show that start at midnight with the church bells playing and the cruise ships horning… It does make our hearts feel a renewed energy for the coming year!