Madeira Birdwatching 2008 Update

Madeira Birdwatching 2008 Update

A small update in this year operation regarding our birdwatching tours in Madeira Island. The day tours run all year, as for the night tours are seasonal.

Full Day Birdwatching: Always operational, runs non-stop all year, generally on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Though flexible if required by customers.

Half Day Birdwatching: Runs all year focusing on warbler and accidental vagrants. By the end of April we have been blessed by lots of vagrants.

Fauna & Flora: Good success rates for Trocaz Pigeon this year. Special time for the flora is April till July. Though runs all year varying the observed species of fauna and flora.

Zino’s Night Expedition: This year operation has started in April. The first expedition was a sucess with over 600 Zino’s Petrel calls in 60 minutes. Season for this tour ends by August 31st.

Cory’s & Manx Night Tour: Starts this June and is a beginner approach to birdwatching night expeditions. As always a great experience. Interested in any of this tours, please contact us. As well, if you require special dates we can work on something that best suits you.