Madeira Pelagics 2008 Update

Today, we are giving out a short update in our four boat pelagics from Madeira Island. Keep in mind that this trips have the objective of sea birds observation. Madeira Wind Birds is??co-ordinating??all this boat trips, and all boats have the proper licensing by the Portuguese Navy. One??Navega????o Costeira Type 3, coastal sea operation 25 nautical miles limit and another Navega????o Oce??nica Type 1, oceanic sea operation no limits. Madeira Evening Seawatching Trip expected to run from July, though already accepting bookings. Type 3 license. Desertas Islands Cruise Runs all year Monday and Thursday, a great trip for birds and dolphins. You will be able to go on shore on Deserta Grande. No schedule interruptions at this time. Type 3 license. Madeira Pelagic for Petrels and Storm-Petrels A great success the first trip, just this April. We manage to see Zino’s Petrel on the sea, no mistakes here. Accepting bookings for the remainder 2008 trips. Expected to run five. Type 1 license. Selvagens Expedition 2008 first trip is due in a couple of months, and already accepting bookings for second trip. Type 1 license. Interested in any of this trips, please contact us. As well, if you require special dates we can work on something that best suits you.