Metrics of Special Events

Today, we will discuss how tours get sold before time. Yearly events like Madeira New Year Fireworks or Atlantic Festival Fireworks are tours that get fully before start.

This events are premium and some are calling cards and reasons to travel to Madeira Islands. For these simple reasons, tourist want to guarantee the last available seats before arrival to Madeira Islands.

For New Year the tour gets full beginning of November. The Atlantic Festival stop sales by last week of May. An interesting ratio, is that the number of available seats is invertible proportional to time left to book.i.e. Fireworks in the New Year take 8 weeks to stop sales as for Atlantic Festival 2 weeks. Seats available 4 times more for the Atlantic Festival against the New Year.Regarding when people start booking, 53 weeks for the New Year in Madeira Island, as for the Atlantic Festival in Madeira 40 weeks…