New Indicator: Staff to Guest Ratio

We now disclose publicly our “Staff to Guest Ratio“, this is an important indicator for quality assessment.
Many tour companies will say to you that they offer a personalized experience, though the ratio is very low. Some times 1:15 to 1:25, and this is not a good service.
This new indicator demonstrates the least possible ratio for every tour. This is to say that we can have situations where the staff can be more than expected.
Here is a simple example:
In a day cruise to Desertas Islands we always have 2 members of the crew for the maximum capacity of 20 people. That is a ratio of 1:10
2:20 = 1:10
In the winter when demand is less we still have 2 members of the crew for the average capacity of 10 people. That is a ratio of 1:5
2:10 = 1:5
In the Desertas Islands Trip, we show the ratio of 1:10, to help you with a fair review.