Oceanodroma – WELCOME!!

Oceanodroma – WELCOME!!

Oceanodroma is the family name of Storm-petrel and to be entitle to this brand new boat ”Oceanodroma” it had to be launched to the water on a stormy day… Red alert for strong winds and heavy rain was issued by the Regional Authority of Civil Defense but that was not enough to stop its first day on Madeira waters. For those who invested great part of their lives on this fantastic RIB those were very stressful moments but fortunately everything went well and Oceanodroma is now on the water and ready to fly!

On the photos you may see it being prepared with all security equipment and then the inauguration day with family.

So now you finally know what Oceanodroma is! Oceanodroma is the 11 meter long rigid inflatable boat (RIB) that is being explored by Madeira Wind Birds to: