Parasitic tourism…

On Wednesday we got a TUI / Thomson’s Rep phone call to book a dolphin watching/swimming trip for 2 people. This Rep didn’t know about us, it was her customers who told her about us and our trips and so she phoned to book. A day later we got this SMS you can read on the photo below.

We did not answer to her text message as it would be like: It is not TUI who does not work with us but us (Madeira Wind Birds) who do not want to work with TUI. We are an eco-tourism company!
The things one has to hear…
I just feel sorry for the customers who could not run the trip with us as today we saw: Bottlenose dolphins, Spotted dolphins, Bryde’s whale, Cory’s Shearwater and Fea’s Petrel… and we even swam with Bottlenose dolphins!
So, if by any chance you are a customer of TUI or Thomson and wish to do a trip with Madeira Wind Birds you will have to book it directly.