Please, book in advance!

Please, book in advance!

Some people like to check the weather in loco before booking a tour, but that might mean not getting availability anymore as we might have closed sales due to a personal event, low demand or even due to the trip being fully booked.

Understand we are a small family company and we need to schedule our week in advance. Also, we do pay attention to weather forecasts, and when there is no good weather to allow us to watch the birds or cetaceans, we postpone the tour or cancel it if we can not find an alternative. We have no problems to work 7 days a week, but we also have family and friends who we like to be with.

Another problem is when demand is low, and we do not have enough bookings to make the tour or trip viable, so we need to cancel it, and we do like to let our customers know in advance that the tour or trip will not be happening so that they still have time to plan something else instead.

Maybe if those last minute booking customers have booked in advance, we would not need to cancel the trip…

Same day bookings can work for the scheduled sea trips for that day but for the land birdwatching tours that is usually a problem as they start at 9:00am and we do not answer phone calls before 8:30am (yes, we also need to sleep and have breakfast before starting to work!).