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Who is the SPEA Portuguese Rarity Committee? Where is their data published?

Why the data sent to the SPEA Portuguese Rarity Committee appears published in several birdwatching magazines under the name of a company based in Lisbon?

It is not Catarina Fagundes’ and my personal duty to report to this “rarity committee” the observations, which are never published for the good use of birdwatching.

We publish the data online, so that the community can enjoy birdwatching even if they don’t use our birdwatching services. 

It is all about sharing data and not about controlling the information as some believe they are special. You have noticed that we publish data, if valid, within hours of the first observation, with the observer information and photograph.

Furthermore, it was agreed with Leitão and Jara (members of SPEA-PRC) that they would collect the data from on a regular basis and not requiring to submit it via email.

Incidentally, Valkenburg are you acting on your own or as SPEA staff?

PS: Birdwatchers are invited to send their records to and we will have the pleasure to have them published online for the benefit of the Birding Community.