Safety above all!

Safety above all!

Safety is the paramount concern of all our work. We do our best not to put at risk or endanger ourselves or our customers. Despite our vehicles and boat have all the security and safety gear demanded by the Portuguese law, our common sense made us add some other equipments or policies which are not mandatory as, for example, a fire extinguisher in the minibus or twin engines on the boat instead of only one or wearing the lifejackets at all time when the law only states they must be onboard…

As a licensed company by Turismo de Portugal we are obliged to have several insurances, not only the vehicle’s and boat’s insurances, as personal accidents and civil liability insurances. All tourist activities’ companies have to be registered at the National Tourism Registration and have to make proof of their insurances as often as its instalments. Despite all mandatory safety and security demandings and insurances we do not run any tours on heavy rainy days (which also means not watching any bird), when the boat’s captain decide the sea is too rough for a comfortable and safe dolphin and whale watching, in case of wildfires around the island or immediately after any natural disasters.

Also, if there is a full day tour to the west side of the island we will also avoid running it on the day after the heavy rain as the rocky cliffs by main road on the northwest coast are unstable and often fall into the road. In case of heavy rain we try to postpone the tour or, sometimes the other side of the island is dry and so we run the tour to that side of the island, aiming for the same bird species.

So, with Wind Birds (which is the same to say with Catarina and Hugo) your safety comes first!