Six Years…

Six Years…

Yes, we’ve just made six years in business! Hard times, though strong times.
We have learnt to creatively transform any threat in an opportunity…
and that arse kissing doesn’t get you any where but friendship does!
Although many will tell that you should never have an “In your face
attitude…”, we believe this is the right attitude.

Personally, everyday we get distracted with topics that are irrelevant
or that we can’t change them (i.e. politics, government budget, etc).
Solution? Concentrate more in your life project…

Eventually one day, which should be very close, charities will become
serious businesses paying tax, and then businesses will have a greater
social agenda. Ultimately they will “DO” and not brag about it or make
an event out of it.

By the way… For the next 4 years, we aspire more birds and wildlife