Summer 2013 excellent whale watching season!

Since July that on Wind Birdsbird, dolphin and whale watching trips have been very successful observing cetaceans!

This has been a bit of an abnormal summer as from middle July until now we have taken less than half an hour to find dolphins and/or whales. Only in 1 trip during this time we missed them.

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We decided to base ‘Oceanodroma’ on the East part of Madeira as there is an upwelling at Ponta de São Lourenço which usually attracts fish and consequently sea mammals. More, that part of the island did not have any dolphin & whale watching company then and so we could appreciate the marine wildlife almost exclusively.

The only not so positive thing about this success observing whales is that several times it was not possible to swim with the dolphins as the whales were around them. Most customers understand this and they have enjoyed seeing the whales and dolphins so close!

Wind Birds, as a business, would like to have these experiences every trip but as one of our customers said, on the only trip this summer we did not see any sea mammals: “Dolphins are wild and the sea is not a zoo!”