Swift decisions makes us Proud

One of the gifts we have in our little company is foresight, specially when there are risks that endanger life.

We assess risk on a daily basis because we believe that any kind of life damaging is a company killer, therefore a No Go Zone.

To assess risk and to operate on a travel company we have to be swift, and that makes us proud, because we do it faster than the competition and even than our business partners.

Back in February 20, we activated Containment at 1100Z, long before any media and civil defense agency, and 24 hours before the event we cancelled scheduled trips based on weather forecasts and scientific models.

Now is the Iceland’s volcanic ash that halts flights to Madeira and we took action on April 15, when we issued reimbursements and postponed tours to help customers. We know that in hard and stressing times customers can’t remember or even think about the tours they have booked with Madeira Wind Birds. That is why we go the extra mile.

We are proud of our initiative to ease our customers. Only today, we saw some action from several business partners asking not to penalize our customers… Our reply was that we took that action 96 hours ago.

Swift decisions boost customer satisfaction 😉