VAT-IVA just went up! What about tour prices?

  VAT* IVA* was raised tonight at midnight, effectively 7.1% more. Though presented as a move from a previous 14% to the new 15% rate.<br />We knew this punch was coming by the newspapers, but the craziness is that this law was published at 5pm, meaning that you have as a business 7 hours to adapt.<br /> Now let's imagine the 10 million people that will see in just 7 hours prices going up and the invoicing software that will have to be update today, July 1st.<br />But worst, the huge amount of people that will still invoice with the wrong VAT rate.

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I personally believe that this is the shortest 
<a href="">Vacatio legis</a> in Portuguese history. New real time World phenomenon.

Now what about Wind Birds tours?
We will take this punch in the stomach and??no prices will be raised.

As a tourist activities company we have to charge the maximum VAT and over the last 6 years we have seen several rate changes.

2005: 13% to 15%

2008: 15% to 14%

2010: 14% to 15%

The fact is that we never changed our prices for the benefit of the customers…

*Value Added Tax
*Imposto sobre o valor acrescentado