Whale Fest 2012 Reviewed

Whale Fest 2012 Reviewed


Now that the WhaleFest has finished for this year we would like to thanks all members of the organisation (Planet Whale) and also the Madeira Tourism Board for supporting a stand for the Madeira whale & dolphin watching companies.


This was the second time the WhaleFest was held and though Wind Birds was not present last year we heard that this year the fair was much bigger with many more exhibitors. This means it is going on the right way and we believe that in a few years it might get really big, as the BirdFair, for example. Though, to attract as much visitors as the BirdFair does, the WhaleFest should be promoted all around Brighton as we believe this year the general public passing by Hilton Metropole Hotel did not know about the event…

The time spent at the WhaleFest was great! We met past customers, we signed important petitions as to stop killing the pilot whales in Faroe and dolphins in Japan, to Free Morgan the Killer Whale and many others.