Whales and Dolphins of Madeira

Whales and Dolphins of Madeira

Recently, we came across a Tour Operator that is selling a trip titled “Whales & Dolphins of Madeira“.
Five years ago, we approached this operator in Britain and proposed an operation to Madeira. The response “Madeira Wildlife is not very interesting.” Off course this was a lie, they were very much interested in Madeira. More specifically they didn’t used any local staff.

What I love about this operator is that they call themselves “Responsible Tourism” and “Sustainable Tourism” Operator and have a lot of logos/accreditations on their website. More recently they change their approach and started to hire Madeira residents, good call here, though this staff isn’t mentioned on their website Tour Leaders section(???). The big problem is to embrace this change they have now 100% margins on these trips towards Madeira. So now they rip off their own customers, very responsible!!!

We decided to take the challenge and created a Whales & Dolphins of Madeira 5 Day Trip, half their price 😉
Yes, half their price and more engaging, and if you do the maths our price is achieved by optimization and efficiency.
And a new boat Oceanodroma

Our dates:
Thursday 5th – Monday 9th August 2010
Thursday 2nd – Monday 6th September 2010

Interested… Contact us… Tomorrow, we will post a specific trip page.

PS: This operator prints heavy catalogs, full color, glossy paper and laminated. Very ecological!!!