Whalewatching in Madeira in April

In April starts the season when baleen whales pass by Madeira archipelago waters. Bryde’s whales are the most common visitants to these waters but Fin whales and Sei whales are not uncommon. Rarer is the Blue whale and the Minke whale though there are a few records of these species! Sperm whales are considered resident to the ocean bathing this archipelago so there is always good chances of fining them.

Other whales are quite rare around here and chances of watching them on a whale watching trip are really diminished. This is the case of Humpback whales, Northern right whales or Orcas/Killer whales.

In what regards to dolphins, as April is a transition month between winter and summer, we can still get the dolphin species of both seasons, so Short-beaked Common dolphin are still around while Atlantic Spotted dolphins and Striped dolphins get more frequent from April on. Bottlenose dolphins and Short-finned Pilot whales are other resident species so there is always a chance to see them. Risso’s and Rough-toothed dolphins are not as common as the Atlantic Spotted but are not so uncommon as well.