Why we ask for a deposit to confirm your booking

Why we ask for a deposit to confirm your booking

Under Portuguese law, if there is a money transaction it means there is a contract between two parties which in our case means that when customers pay a deposit to confirm their booking for a tour there is a commitment from both parties to show up at the arranged meeting place and time for a tour to be run.

The deposit is paid by card to ensure customers that we are a liable company and that the transaction can be verified by the bank system and in case of fraud, from any side, both parties are ensured by the card/bank insurances.

Just think of Wind Birds like any other big company… for example airlines, nowadays for anyone to catch a flight it must be paid in advance and clients normally do not question why do they have to pay in advance, so for Wind Birds bookings we just ask for a deposit to guarantee that you are a real customer and not a competitor or a shifty person trying to make some damages to us…

So, thanks for your understanding and please do pay the deposit to guarantee your place!