Wind Birds at the WhaleFest 2012, UK

Wind Birds at the WhaleFest 2012, UK

By the end of October, on the 27th and 28th, Wind Birds will be present at the WhaleFest 2012 in Brighton, UK. This is the second year that this event, dedicated to wild whales and dolphins, is held and this year we are celebrating 30 years since the international suspension of whaling. Indeed, 30 years ago, back in 1982, in the Hilton Brighton Metropole, in Brighton, 39 governments attended the International Whaling Commission conference and voted for the suspension of the hunting of whales.


Now, in the exact same place as 30 years ago, several whale & dolphin watching tour operators whale and dolphin conservation charities or other related services or products, from around the world will be gathered to celebrate this big step into whale & dolphin conservation but also to take action into other threats to these amazing marine creature.

Hope we can meet you at this globe-scale event for the conservation of our oceans and its living beings!

Visit us at the Madeira Tourism Board Stand in the Whale Fest 2012 as we will be there promoting our bird, dolphin & whale watching trips and our swimming with dolphin trips!