Bird, Whale & Dolphin Watching in Madeira

Watching sea birds, dolphins, whales and other marine wildlife on a 12 seats rigid-hulled inflatable boat off Machico, Madeira, Portugal

Whale Watching Madeira Madeira Whale Watching Trip Madeira whale watching Sperm whale Physeter macrocephalus Dolphin Watching Madeira Short-finned Pilot whale (Globicephala macrorhynchus) Common Bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) Dolphin Swimming Experience Madeira Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta) Common Tern (Sterna hirundo)
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  • Birds, Dolphins and Whales at close range
  • Cory's shearwaters, Bulwer's petrels and Fea's petrels
  • Listen to dolphins & whales sing with our Hydrophone
  • The crew are experienced birdwatchers, sailors and nature lovers
  • For higher success rate we use land spotters
  • Easy parking at the marina in Machico

Madeira Boat Tours Details

The Atlantic Ocean around Madeira Islands can be biologically and geographically considered blissful for marine mammals, as more than 20 species of cetaceans have been identified to these waters, which means roughly one quarter of the entire world's species. Though almost all these Marine species use Madeira waters as passage point, feeding area or sometimes for giving birth to its calves we watch them all year around.

Many ask us when is "Whale Watching Season or the best time to visit Madeira?" Lets be fair May, Spring is the time in Europe for Wildlife and Madeira is no different. Having said that we observe Whales and Dolphins all year. When it comes to seabirds their number decrease between November until February.

The main aim of Madeira Wind Birds bird, dolphin and whale watching/swimming trips is to establish a connection between you and these magnificent animals in their natural habitat but you will also experience scenic highlights of Madeira and it's surrounding islands and the enthusiasm of bird watching. The base of our whale watching madeira trips is to respect nature and knowing that everyday is different and wildlife is not guaranteed. We are proud Madeira boat trips operator that thrieves for sustainbility of this touristic activity, adding to this we operate in an area that has less operators therefore minimal impact on wildlife.

swimming with dolphins in madeira

The adventure starts immediately after leaving the marina, looking for a feeding frenzy of seabirds, which normally is associated with dolphins and/or whales or for just a school of dolphins willing to play around the boat. The crew will always be looking for cetaceans so there is no itinerary on this trip and it will always depend on the sea conditions also.

On this seabirds, dolphin & whale watching trip there might be people who booked for dolphin swimming and so we will watch their interaction with the dolphins. Note that this swim is short and takes about 10 minutes.

Madeira Whales & Dolphins Checklist & Whale Watching Season Click to Download

Mammalia: Mediterranean Monk Seal Monachus monachus, Sperm Whale Physeter macrocephalus, Bryde's Whale Balaenoptera edeni, Fin Whale Balaenoptera physalus, Sei Whale Balaenoptera borealis, Cuvier's Beaked Whale Ziphius cavirostris, Blainville's Beaked Whale Mesoplodon densirostris, Gervais' Beaked Whale Mesoplodon europaeus, Short-finned Pilot Whale Globicephala macrorhynchus, Common Bottlenose Dolphin Tursiops truncatus, Atlantic Spotted Dolphin Stenella frontalis, Striped Dolphin Stenella coeruleoalba, Short-beaked Common Dolphin Delphinus delphis

Wildlife seen (last 7 days):

  • Atlantic Spotted Dolphin Stenella frontalis
  • Common Bottlenose Dolphin Tursiops truncatus
  • Bryde's Whale Balaenoptera edeni
  • Sei Whale Balaenoptera borealis
  • Fea's Petrel Pterodroma feae
  • Cory's Shearwater Calonectris diomedia
  • Bulwer's Petrel Bulweria bulwerii

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Tour days: Winter (Thursdays and Sundays). Summer (Every day). Please contact us for availability.
Departure times: 10am or 4pm
Typical duration: 2h to 2h30

Space: maximum 12
Staff to Guest ratio?: 1:6
Tour Languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese

Pick up location: Machico Harbour, Machico city (Southeast Madeira, VR1 Dual carriageway, exists 25 and 26). Easy parking at the marina. Transfer is available on request for a surcharge.
Return details: Machico Harbour or original point of pick up.

Friendly advices: Take a warm & waterproof jumper, appropriate footwear (tennis or sandals), sun protector and hat .
Photography: Allowed and recommended. There is a possibility of your equipment getting wet with salt water spray.

†Price includes all taxes and fees. No extras are added to the shown price. Payable currency Euros.

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