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Wind Birds Team : Hugo Romano and Catarina Fagundes

Madeira Wind Birds is a small company owned by two naturalists, Catarina Fagundes & Hugo Romano. They are experts in birds and passionate for all other living creatures that Madeira nature holds. The perfect starting point for your next Madeira Nature Holidays.

As a small company, always willing to learn more, to develop knowledge about nature and to provide its customers with an unforgettable quality experience, Madeira Wind Birds has established some partnerships with science or conservation institutions helping them to gather data and sharing knowledge and observations.

Being only Catarina & Hugo leading the tours and trips and with the research work they do, tours schedule is always dependent on availability as sometimes they get groups that fill up their week or sometimes they need to take a few days for research or even for their holidays. So if you wish to book a tour with us please do it in advance so no one get disappointed.

Madeira Wind Birds is an ecotourism company that embraces the principles of sustainable tourism, contributing to the conservation and interpretation of the natural heritage of Madeira's Archipelago. In this context, our services are specialized in the observation of endemic and indigenous species of birds, butterflies, sea mammals and plants.

Our main treasure is the richness of Madeira's biodiversity, that boasts labels as the Bio-genetic Reserve of the European Council and as the World Natural Heritage of UNESCO. However our guides are also an added value, as they are the premium experts of the sites on which to find unique species.

In 2003 Wind Birds won the Entrepreneurs of the Future Award by Madeira Chamber of Commerce for services innovation.

After 7 years Madeira Wind Birds was award João Borges 2010 Prize by the Mayor of Funchal for innovation for its practices in the tourism, nature conservation and maritime/nautical activities.

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Madeira UNESCO Natural Heritage

Ecotours to Madeira Laurel Forest UNESCO Natural Heritage Site are done on a daily basis, though with minimum impact to our natural forest. We enforce a special code of conduct for our ecotours.