Zino's Petrel Night Expedition

Listen the calls and watch Zino's Petrel Pterodroma madeira, rare seabird in Europe, close to its breeding grounds at night on the highest peaks of Madeira.

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A second free tour if Zino's Petrels are not heard on your first night tour.

Online Price: €50.00 EUR (per person) €25.00EUR (0-11y). * Book Wind Birds™ online and save time and money.
General Tour Price €55.00EUR applicable for bookings via other sales channels.
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Birdwatching Tour Highlights

  • Visit one of the most threaten seabirds colony in Europe.
  • Relax under the stars enjoying the calls of Zino's Petrels
  • A safe adventure on the highest peaks of Madeira at night
  • 30 minutes walk up and down the mountains

Tour Detailed Description

Access to the breeding site is restricted, a permit is required. We operate under license of IFCN. All the visits require a daily clearance, therefore you are required to book in advance.

One of the most exclusive birdwatching tours in Madeira, where you will enjoy the company of Zino's Petrel Pterodroma madeira one of the most rare and unique birds in Europe. Listening to these birds, learning more about them and the conservation work from Catarina and Hugo, two passionate volunteers of Freira Conservation Project (a charity for the conservation of Madeira Seabirds).

After pickup and a 40 minutes ride to reach Pico do Areeiro, Madeira. An amazing 30 minutes walk on the highest peaks of Madeira, under the spectacular shining stars with a dark sky as background, will lead us to a location near the breeding area of Zino's Petrels.

After arriving to the listening location above the nesting ledges of this endangered seabird species, lights must be turned off and a quiet wait follows until the first call is heard. Then it is time for a nice hot tea to warm up while Zino's petrels continue to fly above and call. Bird silhouettes are some times seen.

The way back seems harder as most of it is climbing the mountain to get to the car park.

A second free tour: if on the first tour with us calls of Zino's Petrels are not heard, we offer you a second tour entirely free. We strive for the perfect birdwatching experience. We want to make this of the best night birding tours in the World.

Tour days: Any day between April and August
Departure times: 9pm
Typical duration: 4 hours max.

Space: minimum 1, maximum 7
Staff to Guest ratio?: 1:6
Tour Languages: English and Portuguese

Pick up location: Free pick up is available from all Funchal, Machico, Santa Cruz, Caniço and Câmara de Lobos hotels or similar accommodation. Other locations please contact us.
Return details: Tour concludes at original point of pick up.

Friendly advices: A jacket is always useful for the altitude cold, a hat and a bottle of water
Photography: To avoid negligent or accidental flash photography, no photographic equipment allowed in the breeding site.

†Price includes all taxes and fees. No extras are added to the shown price. Payable currency Euros.

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