Madeira Desertas Islands Cruise

Experience to sail the North Atlantic ocean, sunbathe onboard a wooden vessel, swim in crystal waters surrounded by the barren Desertas islands and snorkel on a sea cave

Bugio Island, Desertas Islands Desertas Islands Deserta Grande Bay Short-finned Pilot whale (Globicephala macrorhynchus) Monk Seals hospital in Deserta Grande Cory's Shearwater (Calonectris diomedea borealis) Madeira seen from half-way to Desertas Deserta Grande Island

Online Price: €80.00 EUR (per person) €40.00EUR (0-11y). * Book Wind Birds™ online and save time and money.
General Tour Price €82.00EUR applicable for bookings via other sales channels.


  • Sail in the North Atlantic Ocean on a wooden vessel with capacity for 50 people
  • Possibility of swimming on the crystal waters of Deserta Grande
  • Lunch and drinks included on board while anchored in Deserta Grande
  • Great cruise for sunbathing and relax while sailing

Detailed Description

If your main interest is to watch seabirds we will recommend you to book 1 or 2 bird, dolphin & whale watching trips on Oceanodroma boat as you get the birds much closer to the boat and the chances to see Cory's and Manx shearwaters, Bulwer's and Fea's petrels or even Madeiran-storm petrels are just about the same as on a Desertas cruise or maybe higher as on "Oceanodroma" you get bird guides onboard and so you get more birdwatching experienced eyes looking for.

Now if you are looking for a full-day relaxing cruise in the North Atlantic ocean, a trip to Desertas might be a good option. It will take about 2 hours to go from Funchal to Desertas Grande bay or maybe a bit more if dolphins or whales are seen on the trip. Once getting to Deserta Grande you will have chance to swim on these crystal waters sided by a rocky cliff with a cave on it and by a rocky beach where you will disembark after lunch. Lunch is served onboard and after it a visit to shore will take you through a very short path around the Madeira Natural Park Desertas Conservation Center dwelling were you may admire the Desertas Islands geological formation and the continuing rockfall just at the back of the house, while a member of our crew will talk you about history, wildlife conservation and other interesting aspects. Canaries, Berthelot's Pipits and Madeira Wall Lizard are usually the only creatures that will receive you in land despite the Natural Park wardens who forbidden one to walk out of the path, to take birds out of their nests, to take any plant or rock and to enter their house.

Around 3:30 pm the boat departs towards the marina and will look for more cetaceans on the way. Arrival to Funchal Harbour is between 5:30 and 6:00 pm.

Transfers from Câmara de Lobos, Funchal, Caniço and Machico are available upon request. The boat used on this trip is a 23 meters wooden caravel built in 1996 with two masts and with capacity for 50 people. It has a large solarium with mattresses at the bow and a shadow area with armchairs at the stern. Inside it has 9 cabins, toilets, a saloon, a mini-bar and a kitchen.

Tour days: Wednesday and Saturday
Departure times: 9:30am
Typical duration: 8 hours

Space: maximum 50
Staff to Guest ratio?: 1:15
Tour Languages: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese

Pick up location: Free pick up is available from all Funchal, Caniço, Câmara de Lobos, Ponta do Sol*, Ribeira Brava*, Calheta*, Machico hotels or similar accommodation but is subject to availability. *Specific areas of these councils.
Return details: Funchal Harbour or original point of pick up.

Friendly advices: Take warm jumper, sun protector, hat, swimming suit, towel and appropriate footwear for a wet feet landing in Desertas
Photography: Allowed and recommended. There is a possibility of your equipment getting wet with salt water spray.

†Price includes all taxes and fees. No extras are added to the shown price. Payable currency Euros.

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